Calculation Node Platform

Individual hardware devices have performance limitations and unstable arithmetic outputs, resulting in limited profitability. However, optimising AI models requires stable and continuous arithmetic support. In order to achieve more and sustained revenue, users can choose to lease arithmetic nodes on cloud services through the platform to obtain a stable and continuous supply of arithmetic power. Doing so will enable users to achieve more and lasting benefits. By utilising the cloud services provided by the Platform, users can fully satisfy their need for stable arithmetic power and thus realise higher revenue potential.
① arithmetic node
Users have access to different arithmetic level ranges based on different levels, and the higher the level, the higher the arithmetic specification they get and the higher the earnings they receive.
② arithmetic accelerator
Arithmetic accelerators are arithmetic acceleration packages that accelerate the stability of personal devices, and the use of arithmetic nodes can significantly reduce the execution time of tasks. The addition of arithmetic nodes can provide additional computing resources, allowing tasks to be processed in parallel, thus speeding up the completion of tasks. Compared to relying only on limited local resources, the introduction of arithmetic nodes can significantly shorten the execution time of tasks, improving efficiency and responsiveness.
Different arithmetic acceleration packages can provide different revenue bonuses. Users who participate in training tasks will have to purchase a cloud acceleration package in order to participate. Arithmetic accelerators allow DGPT to handle more tasks or larger data sizes, which means the platform can offer more services and attract more users or partners, which in turn increases revenue and profits, and thus more incentive to participate in the DGPT ecosystem.