Quantitative Income Platform

The Quantitative Income Platform is a proprietary model of artificial intelligence for financial solution capabilities based on the DGPT model. By extending DGPT's capabilities in the financial domain, the platform is better able to handle financial data and tasks, and performs well in financial benchmarks. With a large number of financial data sources, we have built a dataset containing 363 billion labels to support all types of financial tasks. The Quantitative Income Platform is built on the DGPT platform and uses AI financial models to analyse market sentiment factors, capital flows and spread data to arbitrage between major platforms and earn spread returns.
We combine state-of-the-art GPT algorithmic capabilities with the perception of macro changes in the market to maximise returns. We continuously update our optimal return algorithms in real time and perform high frequency arbitrage on different trading channels. Users can access the Quantitative Finance platform and select suitable underlying for compounding. When you inject funds on the platform, the quantitative financial model will automatically allocate your funds for investment arbitrage.