Objectives and vision of the APP

DGPT (Decentralised Arithmetic Platform) provides a way for humans to monetise idle hardware arithmetic, and through the consolidation of cloud decentralised arithmetic, everyone can provide arithmetic rentals for large enterprise-level AI models for model training. This distributed arithmetic significantly reduces the cost of training models for enterprises and improves their effectiveness by breaking down the training task into multiple subtasks. At the same time, this creates an additional revenue stream for each arithmetic provider.
The core concept of DGPT (Decentralized Computing Power Platform) is #AItoEarn, which aims to seamlessly integrate the power of artificial intelligence (AI) with economic rewards. It provides users with opportunities to generate income by participating in AI-related tasks and utilizing idle computing power. On the DGPT platform, individuals and organizations can leverage their computing resources and skills to engage in various AI projects and receive financial compensation in return. The fundamental idea behind DGPT's #AItoEarn philosophy is to unite the potential of artificial intelligence with tangible economic gains, offering individuals and organizations the chance to earn income through participation in AI projects and the utilization of unused computing power. This approach creates a broader range of economic opportunities, fostering the advancement and innovation of AI technology.
DGPT is committed to building a mutually beneficial and win-win AI money-making ecosystem, creating economic opportunities and development space for participants by connecting arithmetic providers and task demanders, and promoting the widespread application of AI technology. This will bring more economic returns to individual users and organisations, and drive innovation and progress across the industry.
As a decentralised arithmetic platform designed for the AI revolution, the DGPT ecosystem establishes arithmetic as an emerging asset class contributing to the trillion-dollar AI economy.