DGPT Innovative Blockchain Core Business Model

The core idea of DGPT is to transform arithmetic into monetised and productised forms, creating entirely new ways for applications and users to drive mass adoption. This concept offers users the smart choice to easily join the AI future ecosystem by participating in decentralised arithmetic training models. Through this participation, users can gain access to new revenue streams never before thought possible and realise more financial benefits.
With DGPT, users can transform the resources (arithmetic) they already have into a form that can be rented and utilised. This means that users can rent out their idle arithmetic and participate in the process of decentralising arithmetic to train models. In return, they will receive appropriate remuneration and financial benefits. This provides an innovative way for users to earn income and maximise the use of their resources.
Participation in decentralised arithmetic training models not only enables users to earn a new source of income, but also allows them to participate in the future development of AI. This participation opens the door to the field of AI for users, enabling them to learn about and experience the latest technologies and innovations. By working together with other participants, users can contribute to the advancement and development of AI.