With the development of cloud computing, edge computing and other technologies, DGPT (Decentralised Arithmetic Platform) aims to build a complete AI money-making ecosystem, which enables users to participate in the widespread application of AI technology and create a sustainable economic model by transforming idle arithmetic into economic value. In this ecosystem, DGPT serves as an intermediary platform, connecting arithmetic providers, task demanders and the platform itself, providing new economic opportunities and development space for participants.
With the help of blockchain technology and tokenisation mechanism, DGPT solves the sustainability problem in the traditional "earn" model and provides users with a stable and long-lasting source of income. Users can lease the arithmetic nodes deployed by the cloud service to provide a stable supply of arithmetic power, thus obtaining more revenue. The supply and demand of such arithmetic nodes are recorded and traded through blockchain technology, ensuring transparency and security.
DGPT combines the commercial application of AI technology and the tokenisation mechanism of blockchain to enable commercial transactions of arithmetic power through tokens. This innovative model not only provides users with the opportunity to participate in the AI market, but also opens up new market opportunities for large-scale adoption of AI technology.DGPT's goal is to realise large-scale retail adoption of AI technology and introduce arithmetic applications into the marketplace, creating unlimited value for users and businesses.
To sum up, DGPT is committed to liberating idle arithmetic power and ushering in the era of AI money-making. By building a sustainable "earning" ecosystem and combining arithmetic power realisation and tokenisation mechanism, DGPT provides users with a stable source of income and promotes the widespread application of AI technology and market development.