DGPT delivers new value in three ways

1. Decentralised Arithmetic Provides Global Demand for AI Arithmetic: Through the Decentralised Arithmetic platform, arithmetic resources around the world can be pooled to provide sufficient computing power for AI model training and inference. This monetisation of arithmetic will create new cash flows and enable idle arithmetic devices to be fully utilised, while meeting the global demand for large-scale AI computing. The benefits of decentralised arithmetic include increased computing power, fault tolerance and resource utilisation, providing strong support for the development and application of AI models.
2. User Participation in #AItoEarn Models: Users can get paid to participate in model training by joining #AItoEarn models and using their idle arithmetic. This participation enables users to convert idle arithmetic into financial gain while contributing to the training and development of intelligent models. Users can participate in the training of smarter models through tasks or projects provided by the platform, thus further increasing their earnings and participation.
3. Providing data and proprietary AI services to enterprises: global enterprises in various industries, such as healthcare, insurance, finance, advertising, education, etc., will receive data and proprietary AI services from such models.The development of AI models will enable enterprises to leverage large-scale data and advanced algorithms to optimise business processes, improve decision-making, provide personalised services, and so on. By connecting to decentralised arithmetic platforms, businesses can leverage the capabilities of these models to create higher value and competitive advantage for themselves.