Blockchain fuelling sustainable earning ecosystems

Blockchain as an innovative means opens up new possibilities for a variety of applications by decentralising the power, technology, capital and decision-making aspects of modern business. Among the many blockchain applications, tokenisation is one of the most common and widely used approaches.
Tokenisation has enabled mass adoption of blockchain technology, providing users with the incentive to participate in new protocols. Earn models have become the fastest way to engage users, such as Move-to-Earn startup STEPN, which has attracted over 5 million users, and Play-to-Earn game Axie Infinity, which has reached a total of 30 million users.
However, there is a major problem with existing earn-to-tokenisation startups, namely unsustainability and unlimited token inflation. This is because user inflow rates inevitably decline and new capital stops entering the economy. The only solution to the problem of infinite "earned" inflation is to have a strong revenue base to support payments to users.
DGPT is the first sustainable "earned" ecosystem that pays users for the arithmetic they provide and realises revenue by selling that arithmetic on the global data market. With the DGPT token, we combine commercial applications of AI with a provable tokenisation mechanism.
Unlike other blockchain-based AI projects, DGPT aims to achieve large-scale retail adoption. This opens up an untapped market opportunity: access to the market through arithmetic apps.DGPT's innovative model combines blockchain technology with AI to provide ongoing revenue opportunities for users and drive sustainable economic growth.
DGPT builds a sustainable earning ecosystem using blockchain technology by combining idle arithmetic as the client side with cloud servers as the server side.DGPT realises arithmetic through smart contracts, selling user-supplied arithmetic through the global data marketplace and paying users in the form of tokens in the revenue categories available as an option.
The core objective of DGPT is to combine the commercial application of AI with the proof mechanism of blockchain, which creates more value and revenue for users by realising arithmetic power into tradable tokens. The implementation of this model not only promotes the effective use of arithmetic power, but also provides users with the opportunity to participate in and benefit from the development of the AI field.
With DGPT, users can fully utilise their idle arithmetic and earn consistent revenue by participating in the platform. Meanwhile, DGPT's blockchain technology ensures the security and transparency of transactions, providing users with reliable earning opportunities. This makes DGPT an innovative and sustainable earning ecosystem for users.