Core functions and features

In the age of AI, arithmetic power has become the most central factor of production. And by utilising idle arithmetic devices (such as mobile phones and computers), we can easily earn income in this AI era and realise free earning opportunities. This provides a whole new source of income for individual users.
DGPT (Decentralised Arithmetic Platform) brings together a variety of arithmetic resources such as personal mobile phone mobile devices, computers, servers, data centres, etc. Users only need to connect their idle arithmetic to the platform, and then they can easily gain revenue. For users who need a large amount of arithmetic power, they can rent arithmetic power through the platform to complete a variety of computing tasks, such as AI model training, scientific research calculations, cryptocurrency mining and so on. Whether it's individual users or organisations that need large-scale arithmetic power, DGPT provides them with a flexible and reliable solution that maximises the use of resources and economic benefits.