DGPT's proven and sophisticated business model

Arithmetic has emerged as a key asset class to drive the AI revolution. With the addition of constantly iterative and updated AI models, emerging companies have the opportunity to create significant value in the global data market.
Tech giants such as Meta, Google, and Microsoft have already created trillions of dollars in value by leveraging AI capabilities, however, users rarely benefit directly from them. In order to unlock untapped revenue streams, building a decentralised solution that enables users to productise computing power and profit from their own data has become key.
By converting computing power into a productised model, users can commercialise their own data and benefit financially from it. This decentralised solution creates new business opportunities for users, enabling them to directly participate in and benefit from the development of AI technology.
Such a business model creates a win-win ecosystem that can both drive the acceleration of the AI revolution and enable users to derive real value from their data. Arithmetic productisation opens up a whole new business outlook for users, providing them with more revenue streams and room for growth.